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The company…

Coigach Community Development Company is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Scotland on 3rd March 2010 with registration number SC374107. To see our Articles of Association, click on the tab of that name.

CCDC has been set up in response to the expressed wishes of Coigach residents who came to:

  • a public ‘workshop’-style meeting set up by the Community Council to find out from local people what they felt was needed in Coigach to ensure community sustainability into the future.
  • further meetings with invited speakers on these issues.
  • a public meeting at which it was unanimously agreed to form a community development company.

(Please click on History tab below header photograph for more detail.)

The initial meeting was set up by the Coigach Community Council in the light of local concern about the following which are listed in no special order: no affordable housing, decreasing levels of health provision, ageing demographic, no workshops/ industrial units, the future viability of the Piers, unbalanced ratio of occupied to holiday housing, lack of certain tourist facilities and a ‘brand’ for Coigach  – and more.

The Website…

This Coigach Community Development Company website has been set up to provide Coigach residents and others with news and information about CCDC and the community. Constructive comments are invited, so please feel free to comment on any pieces you see on the website – but be aware that the site is moderated and we will not be providing a platform for any views which may seek to undermine the hard work so many in the community are putting into making Coigach a better place to live, work and play in.